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Advantages of roof gardening
A roof garden is a garden in which vegetables, fruits, or flowers are grown on terraces, balconies, or roofs of buildings. Rooftop gardens have become popular in recent years due to the constraints in space. These gardens can be set up successfully in almost all types of buildings such as residential flats, houses, commercial buildings, and factories. 


  • Roof gardens reduce the indoor temperature by 6- 8 degree, thereby lowering air conditioning cost.  
  • They insulate the building lowering overall heat absorption.
  • Provides pesticide-free, healthy green and fresh vegetables. 
  • Helps you get some physical exercise activity daily, improves your health since you are closer to clean air and in touch with nature. 
  • Enhances the oxygen percentage in the air.
  • Reduction of sound pollution. 
  • Acting as a sanctuary for the birds in the city. 

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