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Organic improves the health of your stomach
For your everyday comfort, your gut health is important. The wellbeing of your gut can be improved by keeping a healthy and balanced diet. When we don’t take care of our gut health and eat highly processed foods high in sugars, alcohol, foods contaminated with pesticides chemicals, including non-organic fruit and vegetables, and even antibiotics play a role in putting our gut bacteria out of balance and puts incredible pressure to maintain normal function. 

More and more research is being conducted on what impacts our gut health and overall wellbeing. These researches are revealing that what we put into our body plays a massive role in the health of our gut microbiota. 

According to a new study. When researchers compared organic apples to conventionally grown apples, they discovered the former contains a more diverse population of bacteria, which can have some health benefits.

The team found organic apples contain a healthy probiotic known as Lactobacillus. Meanwhile, the study also found the chance of finding pathogenic bacteria like Escherichia and Shigella was higher in conventional apples. These kinds of bacteria tend to lead to food poisoning. - Source ""

We recommend getting rid of unhealthy and processed foods. Nowadays there are numerous organic options to choose from. The inclusion of a few organic and nutritious foods and supplements can make a difference to your gut healthy.

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