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Create your organic kitchen garden
Living in an urban city can be especially restricting when you want to make your own garden due to the lack of space. The major requirements for plants to grow is the availability of sunlight and as long as you can place your pots in a spot where there is ample sunlight you can grow anything you want. Even without a terrace, a windowsill or balcony would also work.


One of the first things most of us do before we start a garden is to check for gardening pots and then be dissuaded from it going forward with it because of how costly it costs. Well, what if i told you you didn’t need fancy pots to grow your vegetables, you can recycle any old bottle or bucket to grow your vegetables in.

The soil & sun

The elemental part of starting your organic kitchen is providing nutrient-rich soil for your plants. You can do this in two ways, you can either make your own by using the uncooked food waste from your kitchen or you can buy the potting soil from any plant nursery. The secondary part is sunlight. Wherever you decide to place your plants, ensure that it gets enough sunlight so that photosynthesis takes place.


You can use compost made from your kitchen’s vegetable waste to fertilize your garden plants

Start simple

The next part is sowing the seeds. You can buy seeds for as cheap as Rs. 10, or you can just use seeds from the vegetables you already have in your refrigerator. Start with easy to grow vegetables, like green chilies or tomatoes.

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