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An organic & sustainable Christmas
Christmas is a jolly season which brings with it gifts, festivities, wasteful purchases, non-recyclable wrapping paper to disposable partyware and high electricity bills, the holiday season can take a toll on the environment. By cooking with seasonal food, crafting your own gifts, upcycling, and reducing waste, you can not only make the Christmas season more organic but also a sustainable one. Read on to discover 5 easy ways you can green your Christmas this year.

Cook what is in season 

Opting for seasonal organic food means supporting the local nature-friendly farmers who make an effort to give you food that is produced organically without the use of any harmful pesticides and chemicals.  

Get creative with your wrapping

Christmas is the season of giving and in that giving spirit we buy gifts for our loved ones and wrap them with paper that is non-degradable. So why not be creative with your wrapping this year and use what you have around the house. You can use newspapers, magazines and brown paper to wrap your gifts. To add a little more flair and creativity to it, you can tie the gift with a piece of string, stick a handmade card and other homemade decorations to jazz up your gift wrapping. 

Cut back on festive food waste 

It’s rare where there is a function that doesn’t create waste. When you cook at home you can control the quantity of the food you cook. So when you cook, take a count of the number of people who are attending and make an informed choice about the quantity that you should make to avoid wastage.

Compost your vegetable waste

Cooking creates its fair share of vegetable wastes and this is great for your gardens. Why? Because you have more fodder for your compost bin. All the vegetable waste that is created during this time can be recycled to make compost that can in turn be used for your home organic farm[img]<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>[/img]. 

Recycle leftovers 

When the party's over and the lights are off the leftovers need to be packed and refrigerated. If you do have an excess of leftovers making take away bags for your visiting guests in one way to ensure that there is zero wastage and your guests don’t leave empty-handed.

So this Christmas try to use less and litter lesser.

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