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5 Easy to grow vegetables
We all scroll through the internet looking at others growing vegetables and herbs in their kitchens and balcony and wonder, how? Another fact that keeps us from starting a vegetable garden of our own is not knowing what to grow. Here are 5 vegetables that you can easily grow. 


To grow tomatoes you don’t need to buy seeds you can use the seeds inside the tomato and grow your plant. Extricate the seeds using a toothpick on a tissue paper or simply just bury half of a tomato. The decomposition of the rest of the tomato will help the plant to grow.


Spinach can be easily grown in containers from seeds or starts. Smaller varieties of spinach are better suited to pots and containers. To start growing spinach, sow seeds into the soil an inch apart; after three weeks, you can move the containers outdoors. Spinach requires regular moisture to grow, so consider watering them frequently. 

Bell Peppers

Bell pepper more commonly known as capsicum, is a popular addition to cuisines across the Asia and European continent.

Just like tomatoes, capsicums can also be grown from the seeds in the fruit. They grow well in clay, plastic or terracotta containers that have a good draining system. Collect, dry and plant capsicum seeds about 2-3 centimetres into the soil and keep the pot in a dry and humid area. 


Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow at your home. Simply bury a whole potato in some soil and place the pot in a position where it receives at least six to eight hours of sunlight. The potato will bear root and a new plant will show itself in no time.  


Coriander can be used as flavouring in a variety of curries and dips. It can be easily grown in a pot or your backyard. You can either grow them from seeds or plant the stock with the roots in the soil and leave them to grow. Dampen the soil with water lightly daily.

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