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Banana peel for the skin
Our usual thing to do with banana peel is to throw it away. But, banana peels have certain benefits that have been overlooked. This peel has multiple applications both in the kitchen and as part of your beauty routine. 

Help keep acne at bay

Rub the insides of the banana peel over your face for ten minutes and leave it for some time. The vitamin A, B, C, E, potassium, manganese and iron present in the skin of the banana will help reduce acne marks. The anti-inflammatory nature of the peel also helps to reduce the inflammation of pimples and in turn help cleanse them from the skin.

Heals bruises

Banana peel is the best remedy to heal bruises. Just plaster the banana peel over the bruise and leave it overnight and you will see the bruise lighten and pain reduce.

Lighten dark spots

Rubbing a banana peel over the scarred area every day will lighten the dark spots and scars.  Antioxidants and potassium can help heal scars.

Oil control

Oily skin can cause pimple breakout and leave scars. Banana peel will work as an exfoliator and help control the secretion of oil. The peel provides necessary nourishment leaving the skin feeling soft.

So the next time think twice before you decide to throw that banana peel away.

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