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Benefits of Garlic
Garlic has been used all over the world as a flavouring in food throughout history. It has also been to treat a variety of conditions and diseases.

This bulbous plant has many benefits and here are a few common benefits.

Helps purify blood

Allicin found in garlic is a compound that gets activated when raw garlic is crushed, chewed or chopped. It is an amazing natural remedy to cleanse your blood. Garlic has also been proven to detoxify the blood by protecting the liver from toxic agents.

Helps relieve cold & flu

Consuming raw garlic has the potential to shoo away cough and cold infections. Eating two crushed garlic cloves on an empty stomach has the maximum benefit. hanging garlic cloves in a thread around the necks of kids and babies, is supposed to relieve congestion symptoms.

Applied topically it is good for skin

The application of garlic juice helps prevent acne and lightens acne scars. Cold sores, psoriasis, rashes, and blisters can all also benefit from the application of garlic juice. It also prevents ageing by protecting against UV rays.

Improves digestion

Digestive troubles improve with the inclusion of raw garlic in the diet. It reduces inflammation and benefits the intestines. Eating raw garlic helps to clear out intestinal worms. The good thing is that it destroys the bad bacteria and protects the good bacteria in the gut.

Boosts immunity

Zinc present in garlic promotes immunity. Vitamin C present in garlic helps to fight off infections and is very beneficial against eye and ear infections as it has antimicrobial properties. Garlic also protects against free radicals and prevents damage to the DNA.

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