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Healthy eating at a young age
Children are like sponges. They usually tend to absorb everything from words said around them to the mannerisms and habits they see.

Consumerism has taken over so much of our lives that we have shifted our effort from cooking a healthy meal from scratch to cooking ready to eat meals. We have moved far away from cooking healthy to cooking for convenience.

These recent habits that we have developed are the habits that we are incorporating into our children; that it’s ok to eat unhealthy just because we have no time to cook a proper meal.

Is this how we want our children to grow up? To be unhealthy and have bad eating habits? No! We don’t.

A few ways in which you can teach your children to eat healthily are:

1. Make food fun for them

Children are the fussiest eaters, they would rather choose a bucket of ice cream over a carrot. Parents are having to get innovative to make children eat healthy by making food look funny.

2. Grow a garden

Children learn by doing and what better way to teach and pique their interest in healthy eating by growing a home garden.

3. Make grocery shopping a game

If you aren’t picking the sugary good stuff, grocery shopping is one snooze fest for your children. So while you are populating your trolley you can send your kids on a mission to pick the freshest vegetables and fruits you need. This will give them a chance to see and understand the different varieties of food and also equip them with the skill to eventually be able to go out grocery shopping and not pick the vegetables that are near their expiry.

4. Be the example

Parents are role models for their children. They are always trying to imitate them and as you eat healthy so will your children imitate you and eat healthy themselves.

We are living in a golden age of fast food. You have restaurants popping up on every corner of the street and if we don’t teach our kids about the importance of nutritious eating then we may be looking at a generation that is riddled with health issues.

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