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Babies and organic food
The term organic has come to represent clean food and with the rise in GMO foods people have become increasingly aware of the kind of food they feed their family. 

As a parent you know how fragile your babies health can be, babies are weak; and their immune system still underdeveloped make them prone to falling sick easily. At this growing stage babies require clean and nutritious food to ensure their proper development and no age is too early to start eating organic.

Putting your child on an organic diet have benefits such as:

Develop their immune system

The chemicals and pesticides present in conventional food can affect babies as they are weaker and their immune system still needs to develop. Food that is not organic could be a threat to your baby's health.

GMO free

No one wants to feed their child food that has been modified in any way. The breakdown of food into nutrition and energy happens inside the body and consuming altered food could affect your babies growth.

Organic food is fresh

Preservatives are known to cause problems like hyperactive behavior in toddlers.  Fresh food normally possesses a high amount of essential nutrients and provides  better nourishment for babies and toddlers.

Your baby’s health is one that cannot be overlooked and when it comes down to choosing between organic which can be expensive and GMO; it is always better to invest in organic for the long term benefits that you will reap from a clean diet.

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