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Facts that contributed to the organic market growth
No one wants to eat food that is harmful. But with the increased demand farmers moved from the traditional methods of farming to conventional methods that involved the use of chemicals and pesticides to accelerate the growth and increase the yields.

With an increase in digital literacy and global connectivity, consumers have begun to understand how chemicals used in conventional farming methods affect the body and have started looking for healthy alternatives. This search for clean toxic free food has played a role in the growth of the organic market.

People have become more health conscious:
The average Indian has now started making health and wellbeing top on their priority list. With the world being so interconnected and an increase in digital literacy people have become more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals and fertilizers used in farming.

Increase in disposable income.
According to India Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian middle class is expected to double its spending capacity by 2025. With the increase in disposable income and greater access, the average Indian consumer will not turn away from spending extra on quality food that has been produced sans chemicals.

Rise in exports for Indian organic products:
The government has been closely monitoring the rise in demand for organic products worldwide and India is taking advantage of that demand and producing export quality organic products. This rising trend is expected to continue to grow.

Support from the Government:
The Government of India and the several state governments have found a way to promote organic farming in the country. Setting up missions and schemes to assist organic farmers by giving them incentives to keep producing organic food.

These factors have helped the organic market to grow at an exponential rate. With the latest pandemic pointing to a weak immune system being a factor in falling sick, people are going to continue seeking healthier means of acquiring food.

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