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Health benefits of organic pulses
Pulses can be served as curries or as seasoned snacks. Either ways they are healthy alternatives to our usual sweet and spicy snack which we can’t live without.

How you grow plants makes a difference in their nutritional value. Organic farming uses a toxin free method of farming, allowing food grown in this method to retain its nutritional value.

Health benefits of organic pulses:

Aids in healthy digestion
Organic pulses have richer fiber content, which eases digestion and keeps the bowel functioning normally.

Good for the heart
The rich content of fiber in organic pulses is known to improve heart health by reducing cholesterol levels, and the high amount of potassium can lower blood pressure.

Pulses are a healthy and inexpensive source of protein to add to your diet. But, this alone will not fulfill your daily needed proteins; adding legumes and vegetables will increase your protein intake.

A rich source of folate
Folate is a Vitamin B that is crucial to generate and maintain new cells. As organic pulses are rich in folate consumption of pulses during pregnancy is ideal to encourage rapid cell growth during infancy. Inadequate intake of folate can sometimes result in a child born with neural tube defect.

Aids in healthy growth
A diet with less amount of nutrients can adversely affect the growth of a child, which is why pulses are recommended for good health and growth.

Aids in weight loss
Pulses like chickpeas, lentils, and peas, when included in a diet, show positive results in weight loss. This is due to their effect of feeling full.

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