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Benefits of Microgreens
Due to its many health benefits and high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants many indian including restaurateurs have begun to dabble with microgreens, making them the final touch on their dishes. 

  1. They help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Plant based foods such as microgreens have positive effects on blood pressure that is a major risk factor for heart disease. 

  1. They might help fight cancer.

Microgreens, like other plants, can have anticancer properties. Research from the journal Future of Oncology found that sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli microgreens, has the potential to target cancer stem cells.

  1. They help boost the immune system.

Vegetables have the potential to be anti-inflammatory and potentially have a positive affect on your immunity. Microgreens are packed with these nutritions which also contribute towards boosting your immune system. 

  1. They reduce constipation.

Having microgreens as part regular part of your diet will help with smooth bowel movements. 

  1. They might help lower cholesterol.

Researchers found that red cabbage microgreens can lower cholesterol and assist in weight loss when consuming an otherwise fatty diet, according to a small study published by The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 

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