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Your health & Organic Living
Health benefits of going organic

Covid-19 has brought about various changes in the eating behaviour of everyone. With immunity now being top on people's list for being healthy, eating clean food has become a priority. People have started rethinking about food.

Over the years people have had several options to choose from and Organic food has often occupied the first position in regards to eating clean and non-toxic food.

Organic Food Is More Nutritious

Since organic food has to be served fresh and cannot be processed as conventional food, it retains most of its national value and many studies found that organic food contains higher amounts of essential nutrients and minerals, including vitamin C, iron, and zinc.

Stronger Immune system

In order to increase output, conventional farmers tend to use an increased amount of chemicals and pesticides. These methods can leave long term side effects which cannot be ignored.

Consuming food that has been treated with excessive chemicals can lead to compromised immunity systems in people. As organic food is of a higher quality and is packed with various minerals and vitamins, consuming organic food could decline the risk to the immune system.

Organic Food Lacks Artificial Hormones And Antibiotics

In order to meet growing demands, modern farmers inject their livestock with hormones and antibiotics. These enter the human body when products like meat, milk, and eggs are consumed. These chemicals, which are proven to cause hormonal imbalances and drug-resistant bacteria in human beings, are a cause for great concern for many in the healthcare sector. Organic farming methods do not make use of artificial hormones and antibiotics which greatly reduces the risk of any complications in this regard.

Organic Food Has No Chemical Additives

Conventional farming produce is exposed to harmful chemicals in the form of pesticides, fertilisers, and preservatives that leave harmful residue. While these greatly improve productivity, they can be very harmful and in large amounts even cause irreversible damage. Organic food on the other hand, is produced through traditional farming methods which omit the use of any artificial compounds or preservatives, making it far safer for human consumption.

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