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How to start living organically - Part 1
Today I want to give you all a few tips on how you can start living organically. But, instead of giving you all the points in one sitting I thought it would be better to give you one tip per week so you would have a week's time to try and implement this tip into your lifestyle. So here goes:

As people, it is just our nature to always dive headfirst into anything that we want to start. That same thing is true for organic living too, we see, we like and we want it now. That impatience would not work in living organically and must be done in a phased manner, one step at a time. 

Step 1: Start with one food section

Don’t go all in. Start with the foods that you regularly use such as vegetables and fruits. I started it out with vegetables that I use as staples such as onions, potatoes, green chilli and curry leaves and then graduated to the rest. when you start to substitute conventional for organic in a phased manner it won't seem like such a daunting change. 

This way you will be able to understand how much more it may cost and help you budget properly.

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