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Don't get your farming wrong
Though organic farming and natural farming are very similar in nature and have many of the same farming ideologies they also have their difference. The table below shows the difference between these two methods of farming whose main goal is to preserve the natural environment.

Organic Farming

Organic farming uses organic fertilizers & manures such as compost, vermicompost etc. 
Decomposition is carried out by a variety of organisms living in the soil.
Organic farming requires soil ploughing, tiling, mixing of manure, etc.
Organic farming is more economical than conventional farming

Natural Farming
Natural farming is performed with no external fertilizers being added to the soil.
Decomposition is encouraged by microbes and earthworms.
Natural farming requires no such activities to be performed on the soil
Natural farming is a low-cost farming method, that completely moulds itself with local biodiversity

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