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What it means to live organically
As much as it is essential to have a nutritious and well-balanced diet, it is also important to understand the effects of it on the environment. India has a major problem when it comes to adulteration which may lead to long term effects on our health.

It is important to understand what you consume because the right food choices lead to a healthy mind and body.

With this realization, people all around the world have begun making the change to organic. A major deterrent for many people who want to make this change is the high cost that is attached to buying organically produced products, but, in the long run going organic will actually save not just your money, but also the earth natural resources and in turn ensure that the generations to come will be able to enjoy the earth’s bounty.

Organic living is the procurement and consumption of produce that have been cultivated and produced traditionally without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. 

Free from chemicals and pesticides 

Pesticides and chemicals are majorly used in regular agriculture are dangerous for health, especially for children and pregnant women, as they can cause serious health issues such as cancers, tumors, immune disorders, infertility, hypertension and numerous other diseases. In organic farming, naturally derived pesticides such as Nicotine, Neem, Rotenone, Sabadilla and Pyrethrins which are derived from plants are used, instead of synthetic pesticides. Natural pesticides are non-toxic, and thus eliminates the risk of major health issues.

Superior standards

Organic products ensure superior quality as they are grown using natural methods of agriculture. The absence of preservatives and wax ensures the freshness of organic food products.

Benefits to nature

Organic gardening helps to prevent loss of topsoil, toxic runoff, water pollution, soil contamination and poisoning. What’s more, there would be no pesticide and chemical residues on food.

Organic gardening provides for higher vitamin and mineral content in your food. Increased organic matter in soil helps in reducing erosion, aids in the conservation of water, and sustenance of plants.

The easiest way to start your organic lifestyle is to start a kitchen garden. Start with a vegetable that can be grown year-round such as spinach, ladies finger, green chilli, brinjal. You can use homemade compost which can be prepared or purchase a grow bag, seeds or saplings from your nearest krishi bhavan to start your garden. Remember that growing something takes patience, perseverance and constant care. So, make sure you take care of your garden the way you would take care of yourself and it will give you bountifully.

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