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Home remedies for cough
Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it's extra important to care for your health. Treating cough and cold right at the beginning will ensure things don't go haywire. 

You can treat coughs from cold, allergies, and sinus infections with the below home remedies.

Honey is an age-old remedy for sore throat and coughs. Mix two spoons of honey with any herbal tea or warm water and lemon. Honey helps in soothing the throat while the lime juice eases congestion.

Another way to deal with a cough is peppermint. Sip on a peppermint tea and let the menthol soothe the throat and act as a decongestant.

Salt & water
This is a cough solution that my mom has used for us since we were children. Though this remedy seems simple the salt and water mixture will soothe a scratchy and sore throat.
Mix half a spoon of salt in warm water and gargle before going to bed.

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