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Does anyone know what microgreens are ?

If you don't here is what it is.

Microgreens are mini power-bomb versions of their mature self. They are packed with concentrated levels of vitamins & nutrient, about five times more than the mature plant. Most microgreens are ready for harvest within 12 to 14 days and packed with nutrition and intense flavours imitating their mature counterparts. 

Microgreens should not be confused with sprouts. Sprouts are consumed along with the seed; in microgreens, you only consume the leaves and the stem. 

You can either rummage through your pulses cabinet or, you can order the seeds online. The most common types of microgreens are mustard, fenugreek, coriander, fennel and basil seeds, you can also use dried peas and mung beans. 

So, which microgreen are you growing today?
I've heard about this and read a bit about it. But, is this popular in India?
its something that is picking up popularity in India. There are a lot of growers who are only focusing on growing microgreens and chefs who are experimenting with them.

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