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Onion oil for hair growth
Onion oil contains nutrition that nourishes hair follicles, increases volume, shine and improves hair strength. Using onion oil also promotes new hair growth.

How to prepare onion oil

Take one big onion and blend it in a grinder.

Blend the onion and two tbsp of coconut oil. 

Now in a pan, add half a cup of coconut oil and the onion paste.

Now fry the paste along with the oil on low flame until it browns. Once done, remove
from flame and let it cool. 

Using a cotton cloth strain the mixture into a glass container. You can use this oil for 6 months.

Apply this oil on your scalp and massage well. Then wrap a warm towel around your head and cover it with a shower cap to hold the heat in. Doing this will help open the pores in your scalp and allow the oil the penetrate deeper, conditioning and nourishing your hair.

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