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Homemade lip scrub
With winters approaching, lips tend to chap a lot. It's essential to treat your lips well not just for its overall health, but also to ensure that regular use of lipsticks doesn't damage your lips. 

Things you’ll need: 

1 level tsp of sugar 
Two drops of coconut oil 

In the palm of your hand mix the sugar and oil and scrub your lips with this mixture. The coarseness of the sugar will exfoliate your lips removing the dead skin and the oil will help moisturize your lips. This is what I use to ensure that my lips don’t suffer for the lipsticks I like to wear and they stay healthy and soft.
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Lips are a part of our body that we don't pay much attention to. We paint it with lipstick and then just wash it off but never giving it the aftercare it requires. 

Thanks for this tip.

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