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Egg Face Mask
This is my go-to face mask when I feel like my skin needs to feel renewed. 

Things you will need:

1 white of an egg
Face tissue
Makeup brush or a brush you can use for application


Separate the yolk from the white and in a bowl whisk the egg white.
Whisking the egg will ensure that the egg white doesn’t slip off your face.
Using the makeup brush apply the egg white onto your face with a focus on the areas where blackheads are more.
After applying the first layer of egg white, tear up pieces of tissue paper and place it onto your face and apply the second layer of egg white over the tissue paper. Make sure to place the paper on top of the other so that it covers your face like a mask and you can just peel it off.
Once the paper is dry, starting from the end peel off the mask and wash your face with cold water.

Egg white is believed to have skin tightening and effects and absorbs excess oil from the skin. And this face peel will leave your skin feeling refreshing and tightened.

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