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How to choose a ripe Avocado
Avocados have become all the rage these days. We have avocado toast, avocado drink, avocado dips, etc. but, if you had to pick your own avocados to make these dishes would you be able to select a ripe one?

Like all vegetables and fruits, this fruit also has a tell.

The first thing to do is to check the colour. As the avocado ripens it becomes darker in colour. The darker the avocado the riper is it. So, look for a medium to a dark green tone.

The next is checking the navel. The navel of the avocado is the little stem-like protrusion at the head. If the navel drops off when you flick it, it is ripe for eating. As the fruit matures that navel would usually fall off.

The last and final test is the pressure test. If the avocado yields under the firm pressure of the hand, it is ripe. If the skin is separating from the flesh, then it has past its prime and you should probably consider moving on to the next one.

These are the tips I use when I have to buy avocados. Hope they help you out.

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