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Organic Dal Vs. Normal Dal
Dal is an integral part of the Indian food menu. Apart from being easy to prepare dal and rice can be considered comfort food for many Indians, myself included. And because of this ease every household keeps stock of dal and if you prefer organic dal to normally processed dal, then keep reading.

Organic dal, as the term suggests, is dal harvested using natural processes. This includes natural irrigation and compost, and natural fertilizers as well. So you can expect a chemical-free dal that retains the nutrients and taste of the food.

Things to keep in mind when buying dal. 

Certification/ logo
Foods or products that are organic will have a certification from APEDA that implies that the product is authentic and natural.

Whether you’re buying organic or normal dal. Best to always read the label to know if preservatives have been added. Organic food will sustain itself for a longer period if refrigerated, negating the misconception that organic food cannot be stored for a long time. 

Price is one factor that differentiates organic dal from normal dal. The cost of organic dal will be comparatively higher than that of normal dal. Though the price is high, the health benefits you reap from organic dal is worth the cost in comparison to polished dal. 

On taking a closer look at normal dal you will see that every grain of dal looks identical in look, color, and feel, whereas organic dal is grown in various sizes and textures. furthermore, organic dal is hand-milled, leaving the grains with less abrasion because of which its original flavor is retained. Also, organic dal will be dull and rough while normal dal will be polished and in a flattened shape.

Taste and aroma
Undoubtedly, organic dals taste delicious and are healthier. Their flavors are natural that it leaves you without the need to season it. Dal can be enjoyed by cooking it as a soup, or side dish for rice or chapati.
Like everything else that is naturally given to us from the soil, the benefits of consuming organic dal regularly is that it improves your digestive system and reduces acidity and digestive disorders.

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