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Do you peel your potatoes?
A lot of our cooking habits have been conditioned into us since our childhood. Most of us continue to follow those instructions even now without question, and one such habit is peeling potatoes and carrots. As a child I always assumed that we peeled the skin because it covered the flesh of the potato and it came in contact with the dirt; and this is what I kept believing until I decided to make my lifestyle more organic. 

The biggest thing I discovered was that throwing away the peel meant that I was also throwing away half the nutrients from the potato & carrot. But, the fact that the vegetables we buy are sprayed with pesticides and other hazardous chemicals to ensure longevity makes me think twice before I keep the peel on. 

This is one of the main reasons I started substituting vegetables I regularly use for organic ones. Since organic vegetables are grown sans chemicals and pesticides I can use the whole vegetable without doubting if my family & myself are ingesting chemicals.
This is a habit that is hard to change. My parents have stopped peeling their potatoes when they put it curries where you cut the potatoes big. 

Again it depends on what curry you are making  Big Grin I wouldn't like to taste the peel in my masala dosa.

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