Forum Announcement: Forum Rules
L2F2 Forum Rules - Please read before posting is an initiative of Prayana Farms. This is a community page run by a group of people who are keen to make the world a better place by encouraging farm fresh way of life. It is therefore vital that you, as a member, observe the following rules to maintain the harmony of this community.

-Chat and SMS Lingo such as b4, da, dat are not permitted.

-All posts must be in English.

-No Spam / Advertising / Self-promote in the forums - unsolicited advertisement for goods, services or other web sites, or posts with little, or completely unrelated content. Do not spam the forums with links to your site or product, or try to self-promote your website, business or forums etc.

-Make sure that you provide the relevant permission & references for every piece of material that has been reproduced from any other website/publication.

-Be respectful of other members. Refrain from use of foul language, personal attacks or the use of all caps (which is considered screaming).

-Do not cross-post questions - Please refrain from posting the same question in several forums. There is normally one forum which is most suitable in which to post your question.

-Do not PM users asking for help - Do not send private messages to any users asking for help. If you need help, make a new thread in the appropriate forum then the whole community can help and benefit.

-Please use the search box first - Please use the forum’s search feature first to see if there are already some good threads on the subject you want to post about. It’s easy to search – just click the “Search” button at the top right of the page.

-Be descriptive and Don’t use “clickbait” topic names

Help me, Hello, Very urgent, I have a question - These or generally anything similar to these is unacceptable. Just post your articles, questions or answers.

Here is a good example of a way to post a question

“how to grow herbs in my kitchen”
“where is a good place to buy potting soil in cochin”

-If you break a rule, then you will either be warned or banned. A ban of your user account may either be temporary or permanent.

-The administrators and moderators also have the right to edit, delete, move or close any thread or post as they see necessary, without prior warning.

-If you see a thread/post which has broken a rule please report the thread/post to the moderators or admin.

Violation of these rules will lead to an immediate warning and deletion of the concerned post. Repeated offences will lead to the member being permanently banned from L2F2. We, The team works very hard in maintaining the quality of this community and as members of L2F2, we expect the same quality from your end.